We hear this question often and is understandable when it comes to Direct Selling of Wacoal  We would like to emphasize that you cannot lose money selling Wacoal because our system is set up to make you money.

How do you say? It’s simple. We do not force you to take an inventory position if you don’t want to. We do though encourage you to invest in sample stocks for presentation purposes and to use the samples to close sales. Once you book a sale, you can simply place the order in one of our showrooms and pay your net price. Or you can place the order online through our website and have the products delivered either to you or your client. So your purchase product after you close your sale.

No inventory means no risk. If you are aggressive, you can sell as much as you want without putting any money maybe with the exception of sales kits and samples.

Our Return Policy

Now some of our Direct Sales Partners do take an inventory position because they aren't always near one of our distribution centers.  Can they lose money?  Even in their position it's very difficult because we have a very flexible exchange policy.  We entitle our Partners to exchange 100% of their unsold inventory within 60 days of purchase in exchange for inventory that they believe will be quicker to sell.  This process can go on forever.  If the exchanged product doesn't sell, exchange them for another within 60 days, and so on and so on.

There is no risk selling Wacoal. How much you earn is simply up to you!