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One of the easiest ways to make sales is to host a Wacoal selling party with your friends.  This is how it works.  


Invite your friends and acquaintances for a custom bra fitting social event.  A team of Wacoal employees will attend the party and provide them with expert fitting advice.  Wacoal will also bring a complete range of bra styles and sizes to the party, so you do not have to purchase inventory in advance.

There is no cash out on your part.  Your role is to invite and play hostess while Wacoal does the rest.

After doing personal fitting, your friends will be entitled to purchase directly from Wacoal. Naturally as our Direct Sales Partner you will be entitled to a commission on all the sales generated from this party.  

There is though a minimum guarantee of P40,000 or 80,000 in retail value that must be generated through your party  If you fall below the minimum, you must be prepared to purchase the shortfall.  Don't fret if this sounds overwhelming.  It isn't.  P40,000 is very easy to reach if you have at least ten of your friends in the party. This would only mean P4,000 per person, equivalent to only 2-3 bra pieces.  All of our Direct Sales Partners have met this requirement and usually go much higher.  They only throw the party when they have enough customer friends as their clients.

To give you an example, let's assume that you throw a Party but for some reason you could only generate P30,000 in sales.  You are still entitled to Thirty Percent commission plus an extra 5% rebates.  This means you earn P10,900 in commissions and rebates for the guaranteed P40000 sales. But now remember that you are P10,000 short in retail sales and must make up the balance.  You have your commissions to make up the shortfall.  At the end of the day, you will purchase P10,000 at retail value and only pay P7,000 because of your commission.  So at P30,000 in sales for the party, you will still earn a net of P3,900 in cash.  You will also own P10,000 worth of inventory that you can eventually sell to friends who didn't have the opportunity to attend your party.  


How good of a deal is that?

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