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Wacoal Direct Sales Awarding FY2018

Updated: May 21, 2018

Yes, what a night it was!

On Monday, April 16, we celebrated with our Direct Sales partners in a ceremony that welcomed new dealers and rewarded our top performing associates. Held in the Baluarte de San Diego at Intramuros with an evening theme called PASTEL, our beautiful Wacoal partners attended in full evening gowns decked to the nines.

The program started at 6pm with greetings from our President, Ms. Ann Christine Palisoc and Japanese Business Development Manager of Phil. Wacoal, Mr. Hiorki Takemura. Special visitors far away from Iloilo, Davao, Cebu and La Union were given special mention prior to the awarding ceremony.

These ladies are incredible and many have embraced Wacoal as either their way to financial independence or as supplemental income.


MPC Group

  • Anania Olila

  • Angelina Babasa

  • Josefina Lim

  • Celia Domingo

  • Marites Icasas

TUR Group

  • Teresita Reyes

  • Melanamie Almira

  • Adoracion Balicoco

  • Lutgarda Buencamino

  • Godofreda Calibo

ACT Group

  • Evangeline Alinood

  • Gloria Sy

  • Matilda Asistio

  • Shiela Dafielmoto

  • Nancy Madrid

GCL Group

  • Delma Dimo

  • Teresita Macaspac

  • Melanie Pe

  • Veronica Zuno

  • Marizel Espeja

YGU Group

  • Andrea Morden

  • Ivy Diane Cruz

  • Imelda Ambrocio

  • Ronald Catap

  • Sonia Villanueva

Ms Anania Olila and Teresita Reyes had sales of P863,000 and P 840,000 respectively last year. Quite an accomplishment, but not impossible when the brand being sold is a recognized name and leader in the industry.

The evening proceeded with the recognition of the new group dealers. Being a group dealer means greater margins and along with those increased profits allows you enough room to recruit others to help sell for you. It takes a minimum of P100,000 in sales to set up your own group dealership and then P500,000 over the next six months. Seven hard working ladies were able to accomplish that.

In attendance celebrating were: Imeldo Ambrocio, Adelaida Nool, Kathleen Ross Marayag, Marix Jaymee Laus,

Existing Group Dealers with sales between P2,000,000 to P4,500,000 were recognized and congratulations go out to:

  • Myla Alcantara

  • Arlyn Bonayan

  • Melanie Roa

  • Lolita Ocampo

  • Yolanda Inciso

Last but not least, the biggest sales belong to the Network Dealers. Becoming a Network Dealer means taking your Group to the next tier in sales. The Network Dealership provides the Network Director with even more margins to earn. The top Network Dealers not only received an insurance policy of up to P1Million but also won travel trips worth P220,000.

Network Sales ranged from P4 Million up to P15 Million. The recipients were:

  • Yolanda Uvas

  • Glenna Leah Ynclino

  • Maribeth Llamera

  • May Alcantara

  • Purita Yvali

The lovely evening was topped off with music and dancing and with some friendly camaraderie among the dealers. While friends, they all want to out sell each other next year!

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