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We are in the P2P Era--Using Social Media for your DS Business.

Most Filipinos are entrepreneurial by nature. The Sari Sari store is a perfect example of Filipino business spirit. Even if not well-to-do the Filipino seems to find a way to generate business. Now in today's world, we see that entrepreneurial spirit at heart online.  When Multiply was established as a social media hub, the Filipinos turned it into a large central online store for individual resellers. Even when Multiply closed it's doors, the business was kept alive solely in the Philippines just for the online store content.

As Social Media has evolved, we Filipinos have now found ourselves primarily on Facebook and Instagram. But Facebook isn't the same as what Multiply once was. We use FB primarily now as our main source of information and news. While it's a good idea to use social media to promote our direct sales business, there's a fine line on how to use social to promote your direct sales business.  Here we provide you some necessary tips. 

Consider Setting Up Your Own Business Page

With the average FB user having 350 friends, it makes sense and is tempting to cater directly to your contemporaries. However, if your friends just see posts from you promoting your business, they may tire and block seeing your posts. Setting up your own business page is a good way to avoid this. Invite your friends to like your page and use your page to send out your business promotions.

It's Not About the Business but About Yourself


If you choose not to set up a Business Page, do not constantly post about your business. It's better to make your friends now more about you than the product that you sell. Although it may sound counterproductive at first, in the end you want to be known as "Jenny, the friendly and funny girl who also happens to sell Wacoal"  rather than "Jenny, the Wacoal Direct Sales agent who can be so irritating."  Let people get to know you.  If they like you, there is a stronger probability that they will buy from you.  Remember that social media is the best way to create a strong impression. Let people see you who you are and let the sales come as a result of that.

Ask Friends to Post If They Are Satisfied

We all know that word of mouth is the best way to gain a customer. If you close a sale and the customer your sold to was very happy, ask her if she would be able to make a post on her timeline while tagging you.  Make sure you allow Tags to appear on your FB Timeline. A nice comment with you tagged will reach not only your customers friends but also yours with the news that you were such a pleasant person to deal with.

Don't Just Share, Look Different

A FB post with a photo will get more reach and reactions than just words. Sharing a link won't get you the same reach as original content posted by you.  We at Wacoal now you aren't graphic artists, so we offer our DS agents the opportunity to use our material. In fact, we even go out of our way and help create custom material for you.  Here are some examples of how your posts can be different just by using Wacoal designed posters for your social media posts. You can send us a request (Contact button) about a custom designed poster free of charge if you need any material designed for your social promotions.

We are in the PERSON TO PERSON era now thanks to social media. Today's customers do not hesitate purchasing products from a person if that person is known to have a stellar reputation. As our partners in business, we encourage you to use social to your advantage, but advise you as well to play it smart.

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