The Year in Review

Facebook stats

Philippine Wacoal Corporation

August 2017 - 134, 000

Present 2018 - 171, 000

Wacoal Direct Sales

August 2017 - 19, 000

Present - 33, 000

Instagram stats

August 2017 - 5, 036

Present - 6, 772

Direct Sales Website

Number of inquiries - 207

Number of Social Media Posts 

Wacoal Facebook - 200

Wacoal Direct Sales Facebook - 200

Sorci Facebook - 50

Wacoal Instagram - 360

With nearly 700 unique social posts (some posts are shared across platforms), the challenge was creating CONTENT

Popular Posts:

The posts that were not boosted but received the most customer engagement:

Philippine Wacoal Facebook

1. Premium Items usually have best response.

2. Models with outerwear.

3. Backgrounds other than white.

4. Live Posts


1. Posts where model wears outerware.

2. Model with background rather than white 

3. IG videos have increased in Views 

4. Front and Back View posts

Wacoal Direct Sales Facebook

1. Video posts about Wacoal branch that features a Wacoal representative.


Look at Marketing from the perspective of business.


What channel does Wacoal earn most of it’s revenue? What has a large upside? How do you provide support to each channel?

Department Stores drive the Business

Retail Stores Growing

DS still has unlimited potential

Online Sales can only increase

The challenge is to create content to assist each revenue channel, to have enough content to last twelve months, and to make sure that the content created provides flexibility. 

Image Creation and Social Strategy

Brand Awareness


Information and Tech


30th Year

Proposed Shoot



Textured / Colored Background

Dramatic Lighting

Changed Background

City Views