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How Much Do You Want to Earn?

What You Can Earn

This is a particularly compelling time to be part of Wacoal Direct Sales as convergence of important trends is creating new business opportunities and traditional business models are changing.


The power of social media has given, you, our potential partner, a voice, and the opportunity to be a leader and influencer to your peers. Along with the reputation of the Wacoal brand and strong internal support, the opportunity to become a breadwinner, or even earn a supplementary income through a home-based business opportunity has never been easier.

As one of our Partners you will be immediately entitled to up to 30% discount as your commission on any of our products. 

The more dedication you put into your business the more you will earn.  We have Partners who have dedicated the time and made this their sole source of income earning over P200, 000.


The majority of partners though look at Wacoal as a way to earn a nice additional income while staying at home or even finishing school. This earnings example explains more or less what you would earn just by selling a few pairs of our bras per month.

Let's assume the price of a bra at P2,000.  If you sell just five bras a month, that would put you at the retail bracket of P10,000 which means you would earn a Thirty Percent (30%) commission plus an extra Three Percent (3% less tax = 2.7%) rebate giving you a nice P3,270 payout


Now let's say you encouraged three of your friends to upgrade their underwear and each of them purchased five new bras from you. Your sales for the month would now be P30,000. With our Thirty Percent commission you would earn P9,000. But wait, you are now in the 5% rebate bracket, which means at the end of the month, we would give you another P1,500 for your efforts, bringing your total commission to P10,500.  


The greater your effort the greater you earn.  

Better than any Financial Institutions with minimal effort


Just imagine that you had an extra P10,000 and you decide that you want to invest it to earn more money. You walk down to your nearest bank and inquire about their high yield savings, open the account, and make a deposit.  A high-yield account today earns you .5% per annum which means that your P10,000 will generate you P50 per year.  That's correct, just P50 per year.  


How about a different option?  You can take your money and purchase in Wacoal inventory and automatically earn a 30% return on all your sales. You can take the profit and leave it as savings and the cost of goods can go to purchase more inventory only once you have confirmed sales from your network of friends.  


Wacoal Direct Sales empowers you to become your own business owner, earning you more money than investing in any financial institution.

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