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Do You Know How Direct Selling Started?

In the US, Direct Selling is a huge business with nearly $30 billion reported in sales last year.  While we do not know the accurate figures for the Philippines, it surely cannot be small as many have chosen Direct Sales as their profession or as a way to supplement their income.

Direct Sales is not a new business.  It has been around for many many years originating in the United States. The traveling salesman was a common fixture in the US during the 18th and 19th centuries. Some sales people sold legitimate products while some sold magical cures often with the secret ingredient of snake oil.  That's where the term "Snake Oil" salesman originated.  

In the 1940's and the 1950's, the traveling salesman was still around, but rather than medicinal products, goods were targeted for the household. The easiest way to sell something was to go door-to-door to every house and sell something to the housewife that she would consider useful for her home. 

Stanley Home Products was one business that catered directly to the housewife. When one sales agent dominated everyone, it was discovered that this agent was selling to a group of women at one time. In fact, housewives became hostesses and set up "Stanley Parties" for the agent. The formula was so successful that Stanley eventually adopted the direct sales party model as the only way for their business.

One of Stanley's most successful hostesses, a housewife by the name of Brownie Wise, was courted by a new direct sales company as Vice President and General Manager. The company wanted Wise to develop the training guide and the system for the new company.  She did. The company became the most successful direct sales brand and was also truly the first international direct sales brand in the world.  

That opportunity can be yours as well with the most prestigious women's underwear name in the country, Wacoal. As a Direct Sales Partner you can earn a good income whether it be a sideline business or your mains source of revenue. You decide how much effort you want to put into your business. If you are a social person just like Brownie Wise, the sky is the limit for your earning potential.

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