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What to do with P10,000?

Let’s assume you have an extra P10,000 sitting around that you plan to save. You go to your local bank and the new accounts officer is glad to put you in a Peso Time Deposit for One Year. The bank is happy because they have your deposit, and you’re elated because you started saving and was able to safely put your money away.

At the end of the year, you received a letter from your bank stating that your One Year Time Deposit was now over and asking if you want to re-invest your money for another Time Deposit. Why not, you say. Then you look at the statement to learn that your P10,000 made you a whopping P50. But wait, you notice that P10 was taken out of the interest you earned. Yes, the bank took out 20% tax that it will pay the government.

In theory you want your money working for you, but unfortunately, unless you are a dollar multi-millionaire that can get access to all the best investment vehicles like hedge and growth funds reserved for insiders, giving your money to a financial institution is probably the worst move you can do right now.

Now let’s assume you took P10,000 and decided to get into the Direct Sales Business. A P10,000 investment would get you P14,285 pesos worth of inventory which means if you sold all your inventory, you would have earned P4,285 or 42.85% of your investment!

How’s that for a return?

In a following article we’ll explain how a Direct Sales business Wacoal is a very safe investment.

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